3 Tips for Bass Fishing in Cold Weather 

Ah, winter. The time that hunters come out to harvest the deer and the ducks. Where outdoorsmen hide in their blinds and wade through the reeds to grab their prized game. Seasons come and go, and the game we chase continues to elude us, but not forever! If you can’t wait to get out on the water again and are pining for warmer weather and waters, you can still fish in cold weather, and even find the best of the bass. Colder waters mean the fish are prime at almost any depth. Make sure your boat is ready for the colder waters, and check out these three tips for bass fishing in this chilly weather.

  1. Keep on the Sunny Side.

Bass are cold-blooded creatures, and the cold water can make them lazy. They won’t move around as much as they will in the springtime looking for colder waters. Go fishing on sunny days in the afternoon and in the sunnier parts of the lake. You can set up in a nice spot on the lake or the river and not have to move around very much.

  1. Schools IN for Winter

As hard as you’ll have to work to catch (see #3), finding them might not be as much of a challenge. Bass tend to school together in this time of year, so if you get a bite, you might want to hang around there a little longer. Chances are you’ll find more.

  1. Cold Weather is a Skills Test

Want to try out some new lures and work on your casting? The winter is a great time to test yourself and get ready for the warmer weather. You’re gonna have to work to catch ‘em in this weather. Remember, bass are lazy this time of year because of the water temperature. You’ll need to make sure that your presentations are very natural to entice the bass to bite. Also, lines matter a lot more in the winter. Use the most sensitive line possible, not braided line. Lazy bass don’t bite hard.


Use the winter to challenge yourself and prep for the warmer fishing. Don’t forget to make sure your boat is ready to handle cold waters before you venture out. Island Cove is ready to help get you to those big bass sooner. Come see us for any maintenance or questions before you set out.