5 Ways to Keep Your Cool On the Water

Now that we are in the month of June and the temperature continues to climb, it is easy to seek out your comfy couch or a cool movie theater to avoid the heat. BUT being on your boat can be a way for you to be outdoors and keep cool with the wind blowing in your hair. Here are a few ways to keep you and your family cool on your boat this summer:


  1. Fans – stocking your boat with some small battery powered fans can make even the hottest day a breeze! When you’re fishing and the boat isn’t moving, still air can make the day seem incredibly hot. A small fan can make a big difference!
  2. Lightweight Clothes – Fishing shirts are known for providing great ventilation to battle the sun and heat. Many clothing items are now made of lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric that also provides UV protection to keep sunburns at bay. Don’t grab a tight-fitting shirt out of your drawer when getting dressed for the boat; instead, steer towards loose fitting clothes that can breathe and move, as well as sandals or open-toed shoes that are designed for boating. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!
  3. Hats – Hats can provide you with shade, and if you choose one with a wide brim, you can also keep the sun off your neck, ears, and shoulders. Hats can also help wick some of the sweat off your forehead, helping you avoid sweat stinging your eyes while driving the boat.
  4. Water – While it might seem silly to forget about water while you’re on a boat, far too many of us forget to stay hydrated.  Make sure to bring plenty of water onboard with you to avoid dehydration. The sun can play tricks on you, and a distracted boater is very unsafe. And when permitted, jump in to cool down in the lake!
  5. Drinking a Cold One – Once you’ve enjoyed a day on your boat, stop by and get a margarita or a beer at Amigos Mexican Restaurant at Island Cove Marina to cool off and close out your fun day of boating! We’re lucky to have some of the best Mexican food and drink in Chattanooga right on site, plus, you can’t beat the view!


We hope to see you soon out on the water!