Chickamauga Lake Named 2nd Best Lake in the Nation

We’ve known for years how incredible our area waters are, and the rest of the nation is finding out our secret and we couldn’t be happier about our proximity to the best fishing in the entire country.

We’ve got to admit, even though we’ve known that Chickamauga Lake is an incredible place to be on the water, when Bassmaster named Chickamauga Lake the second-best lake in the nation and #1 in the southeast division in the “100 Best Lakes” list, we did a double take. However, when you think about it, we’ve got all the things that make a day out on the water fantastic. There are countless sections of Chickamauga’s 36,240 acres where you can find massive bass, as well as a significant catch rate. We’re even more proud of the access that the lake has for folks, particularly at Island Cove. Our service department is second to none and features a 44 ton travel lift to ensure that we can handle jobs of all sizes. Our factory trained technicians are certified in a wide variety of manufacturers and we make it a point to invest in their continuing education.

Island Cove has invested beyond just access and boat service to ensure your time at the award-winning Chickamauga Lake is incredible. Our affordable Island Cove Inn and Cabins sit right next to the water, making it a breeze to spend your day on the lake, not trying to get to it. With the delicious food at Amigo’s Mexican Restaurant welcoming you back after a long day, you don’t even need to leave to grab a great bite of food and cold beverage.

So while the secret may be out about Chickamauga Lake, we always know that there’s a way to make the best even better. We think that starts with a visit to Island Cove!