Five Boater Safety Tips for Chickamauga Lake

2018 Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW

Every boater’s favorite season is here! The sun is about to start shining and the water is up. With Memorial Day just behind us, your vessel should be ready to go for the kickoff to the summer. Chickamauga Lake is one of the most beautiful places in the area. It can also become one of the most crowded waters, with new boaters and lots of kids in the water at all times. You need to remember these five safety tips before you get out on the water. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it’s a good refresher to help you have fun and safe days this summer.


  1. Have a wearable lifejacket for every person on board. The law requires all passengers under the age of 13 to have it on at all times, no matter what. You never know what will happen while out on the water, and regardless of if you’re playing it completely safe or not, you can’t control everything. Have enough life jackets for everyone you plan on sailing with.
  2. Maintain a safe speed. With so many inlets, docks, bridges, and rock beds around, you never know what you might hit, even when traveling at reasonable speeds. Whether you’re pulling a tube or just cruising along, keep an eye on your speed at all times. Idle in no wake zones, and make sure you have a lookout at all times. If not, then always stick to the middle of the channels and if possible, keep a depth finder on you.
  3. Be incredibly safe with alcohol. We know there’s nothing better than dropping an anchor, floating in the sun and cooling off with a couple of cold ones. Don’t forget that even when you’re relaxing, the sun can drain your energy and you can get more tired or intoxicated than you realize. Just like driving, always choose a designated boater, and don’t ever booze and boat.
  4. Keep Chickamauga Lake beautiful! All of us have left a cup or wrapper out by accident and watched it fly off. Nevertheless, you can’t be too careful. TWRI has been cracking down on littering, even if it’s accidental. Always bring an extra trash bag with you, and before you take off, check the boat from stern to bow for loose trash.
  5. Use common sense. Don’t put off the things that should be first priority. Keep your registration up to date. Obey all the posted warnings. Stay out of restricted areas. Keep a first aid kit stocked and in your boat at all times. Wear sunscreen and stay hydrated.


And while you’re out, don’t forget to stop by Island Cove for a tune up, a quick bite, and any supplies you might need for your summer on the water!