Four Family Boat Games to Play This Summer

Fun on the water doesn’t have to be limited to riding around, towing tubes, and dropping anchors for a quick float. You can get creative with some of the things you and your friends or family already do on the water. You can add some recreational games to your good times, and even come up with your own. 

Now as much fun as we think you’ll have with some of the following games, we have to remind you: safety always comes first. Make sure that you know the risks of some of these activities before you try them out. Don’t test them out on new channels or waterways you haven’t navigated before. And remember, just because a game seems fun on land doesn’t mean it will translate perfectly to the water either. As with all water activities, use caution before, during, and after your trip.

So here are four games you can play on your next outing.

1. Target Practice

You can play this one while stationary or while moving. Make sure you have a tube with a cutout in the center (or a couple if you want to have multiple scoring opportunities). Grab a handful of tennis balls or other water-friendly balls (nerf balls soak up water and become heavy). Take turns tossing the ball into the tube or float. Score points for every ball that lands in the middle.

2. Water Karaoke

If your boat has plenty of space, bring along a karaoke machine. Seriously. You’ll have so much fun belting out your favorite tunes and laughing at the entertainment value. Who knows, other vessels might want to join in on the fun.

3. Battleship

Make sure you have at least two floats and at least one ball for this one. Drop anchor anywhere that’s out of the way. Position as many people as you want on either side of your boat. Take turns tossing a ball to the other side of the boat. A hit knocks out that “ship,” and a miss keeps the game going. The more players, the better.

4. Catch on the Go

If you have an expert skier, wakeboarder, or wake surfer, raise the stakes a little bit. Challenge them to catch a ball (or frisbee if you’re feeling lucky) while they get pulled. Bonus points if they can toss it back in the boat. Be careful that the boat driver is paying careful attention to other boats and hazards in the water!

Maybe you already have games like these, or you’ve thought of others as you were reading. Always remember that everyone should have a PFD, and never drink and boat. Have fun out on the water this summer!