3 Reasons to Teach your Child to Fish

Fishing as a Family


Spending a day out on the water, disconnected from the world of work and busyness, is an adult’s dream. Add a fishing pole, and the zen of the water amplifies. But fishing isn’t just for grown-ups, whole families can enjoy a day out on the lake fishing together.

Here are 3 reasons to teach your kids how to fish:


  1. Technology Disconnect – No matter how old your kid is, their attachment to cell phones, TVs, video games, and iPads is a given. Spending time out on the water with their family enables kids to disconnect from all the screens that surround them. Disconnecting from screens allows them to connect to the world around them, the feel of physically accomplishing something like catching a fish, and connecting to their family.
  2. Develop a Love for Nature – All of us grown-ups remember the days of going outside to play until the streetlights turn on, but our kids are not in the same world we grew up in. Getting out on the water and fishing helps foster a love and respect for nature in children. Seeing the world around them and the effects people and pollution can have on nature helps them to develop a passion for conservation. Kids very often don’t just want to sit outside, but being on a boat, spending time fishing helps kids to enjoy their time outside and respect nature. 
  3. Teaching Patience – Fast food, FaceTime, and hundreds of channels mean that children never have to wait. Sitting on a boat for a few hours with a fishing pole in their hand, they may or may not catch something. And that’s the beauty of it! They are able to learn patience in the beautiful environment of the lake. They can learn that good things can come to those who wait!

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