New Year's (Boating) Resolutions

New Year’s (Boating) Resolutions

Happy New Year! With a new year comes a chance for new boating gear and new opportunities to enjoy the water. Here are some great ideas for you to kick off the new year in Island Cove fashion!

1. Practice Safety

While we believe this should always be a priority, the new year is a great time to review the best safety practices and figure out how to include them in your boating routine. Take some time at the beginning of the year to prep your emergency plan to make sure the people who will be out on the boat most often with you, such as your family, know what to do. Also, make sure to check your lifejackets to ensure that they are all the correct size and in good shape. Finally, make sure that you have a few types of communication options onboard your boat, such as a satellite phone, emergency position indicating radio beacons (EPIRB), or personal locator beacons (PLB), since cell phones are not always reliable on the water.


2. Explore New Places

New Year, new places! Take some time to explore some new places on your boat. One of the great places that even some locals haven’t explored is the Island at Island Cove.  We have two beautiful cabins and more rooms at the Inn to enjoy time at the marina and on the water just north of Chattanooga. We are happy to take some time to chat and show you some new places on local rivers and lakes so you can explore!

3. Enjoy New Gear

2023 is the perfect year to get some new gear to fall in love with. We have a wide selection of new boats and gear to make sure that your boat is in its best shape for all the adventures you have planned in the new year. We have both new and used boats – from Triton to Tracker, we’ve got you covered for the new year. Also, if you need to get your boat in tip-top shape, our service department is happy to help. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff that can take of you and your boat. Our factory-trained technicians hold certifications from a wide variety of manufacturers and continue to grow their knowledge base.