How to Make Your Child’s First Fishing Trip Special

Our society doesn’t put too much emphasis on rites of passage these days, other than getting a driver’s license and graduations. But around here, there’s one that few get to skip – that first fishing trip. You remember yours, right? Your dad had that perfect spot picked out. Or you remember the weather by the docks being absolutely amazing that day. If you’re like me, I still have a tiny little brim mounted that’s hanging on the wall. It may look like nothing to most folks, but I caught it with my grandfather when I was four years old before he passed away. I wouldn’t trade it for the biggest bass in the lake.

Fishing a special time for a parent to pass on the love of fishing to their kids. Catching, well, that’s a different story. Before you venture out on your first fishing trip with your kids, here are a few tips to make sure it’s as unforgettable for them as it will be for you.


  1. Plan!

Don’t let today be just another boat ride. Plan ahead! Pick out a great spot for them to learn. Make sure it has lots of shade and isn’t too crowded. If you need some advice, we’re happy to help.


  1. Have your Gear Ready the Day Before

There’s no worse feeling than forgetting weights or an easy cast lure at home. The day before you go out, get your tackle box out, check your reels, string up your hooks, lay out sunscreen and towels, and be ready to grab and go as soon as you’re ready to head out. It will ease up on the stress and make your day go a lot smoother. A little planning means a lot less headache on the water.


  1. Have the Talk (About Boat Safety)

Chances are your kid has some experience around boats already. But do they know how to handle themselves on a vessel with a reel in their hands? It might come second nature to you, but it certainly won’t to a first-time angler. Talk about life jackets, not leaning over the water when reeling, foot placement, casting away from motors, and other general safety rules. This is another great thing to do the day before when their mind isn’t buzzing with excitement about their first trip out.


  1. Bring Snacks

Fishing will wear you out! You know what it’s like to get so caught up in fishing that you forget to eat. Bring plenty of snacks with you, and plenty of water! Keep that energy up while you’re out on the water.


  1. Have Fun

This day is about fishing and family, not just catching. Remember, you’re passing on some of the most fun and joyful experiences you’ve ever had to your kids, and that’s all that matters. Soak up these moments with your family and see fishing through your kid’s eyes. No work phone calls- period.


And if you need to gas up, grab lunch, or restock your gear, you know where to find us! Almost all of us are parents or grandparents, so we’d love to share in the memory of your child’s first trip out!