Four Ways Boaters Can Help Keep the Lake Clean!

Chattanooga has some of the most beautiful waterways in the southeast. The warmer temperatures that have started rolling in will bring boaters from all over the surrounding areas to fish, ski, and take advantage of our scenic lakes and rivers. While most boaters don’t think they can contribute to maintaining our pristine waters in a significant way, each and every vessel can help keep our area thriving and clean by doing just a few simple things. This boating season, making a commitment to take care of the rivers and lakes we’ve been blessed with make our scene the best for years to come. Here are a few simple things to keep your footprint low and leave everything better than when you found it.

  • Maintain a Healthy Engine

Keeping your engine well tuned will prevent all kinds of leaks. You can put a pad or pillow under the bilge to collect oil and fuel drops that have a tendency to escape, which can greatly harm the marine life. Don’t forget to check and change the pads and dispose of them in a hazardous waste area of a marina.

  • Don’t Spill!

Fuel has a tendency to spill when filling up. Keep a cloth around the gas cap area as you fill up to avoid this. Try not to excessively top off your tank and leave about 10% of space in your tank to allow fuel to expand as it gets warmer without leaking or spilling. And don’t think this is just about fuel. Trash, debris, and other items can fly out of your boat if not properly secured. Use cups, coolers, and other equipment that can float and be easily recovered should they fly out of your boat.

  • Support a Cause

There are many local and national programs that help educate and provide resources on safe and clean waterways. Consider volunteering or donating to any of these causes that can help you make an impact. Check out the Chattanooga Audobon Society and the TenneSEA Clean Water Project. Also, we greatly appreciate volunteers that have previously helped us with cleaning up the marina. As Chickamauga Lake is filled, you’d be amazed at the amount of trash that gets funneled our way. If you’re interested in helping us keep our little corner of paradise clean, please give us a call.

  • Educate Yourself

Even if you are a seasoned boater, technology and equipment is constantly changing, adapting, and improving. Engines are becoming more efficient and lasting longer. The ability to keep your boat in ship-shape and be environmentally conscious has never been easier. But it might take a little learning. Stop in at Island Cove to learn about updating equipment, disposing of waste, and some of the newest and savviest accessories for your boat.