Four Questions to Ask When Buying A Boat

Did you grow up on the water, learning to ski in the early summer, cruising around during the sunsets, throwing an anchor, and lounging in the mid-day sun? It’s only natural to want the same amazing boating experience for your family too. Maybe you had a friend who took you out on their family vessel for a day of tubing. Or maybe you just want a new hobby for you and your family. Heck, maybe you need some solitary time just to go fishing! Whatever the case, you’re in the market for a new boat, and there’s no better time than right now! The waters will soon be warming and the spring sun will call your name. If you’re not sure where to start or looking to upgrade or add to your fleet, here are four essential questions we think are important to ask yourself before purchasing a watercraft.


  1. What do you want to use it for?


Do you want a boat to take your family out for a day on the water? Are you looking for a quality fishing vessel? Or how about a boat just to cruise and take it slow? Knowing what you want to do on the water will help you know what kind of boat you’re looking for. Obviously, not all boats are created for the same purposes, so you’ll want to make sure you order what’s most important to you. Chattanooga has lots of options on the water, from leisure to fishing. At Island Cove, we’ve got an incredibly wide variety of new and used boats that can suit any purpose on the water.


  1. How much time will you want to be on the water?


A smaller boat is great for short trips to get you to your favorite fishing spot. But you’ll need something bigger if you’d like to be with your family on the water all day so that everyone can have a bit of space. The time you want to spend is a key factor in determining what kind of boat you need because it helps determine the size of the boat you would like, as well as helps us determine the additional features that are important, like storage, maneuverability, and fun things like a state of the art sound system. Maintenance, upkeep, gas, and gear are often the last things you think about in a purchase, but they could make or break your days out on the water if you don’t consider them upfront. We pride ourselves in having an honest, upfront sales team that will work with you to determine the best boat for you that will meet all your needs. It’s the best part about working with us instead of a big box store!


  1. Where will you store your boat?


Do you have the extra garage space or a big driveway that you don’t mind storing a boat when it’s not on the water? Is your vehicle able to pull a boat? Storing your boat during the winter months or even where to put your boat for the short periods of time between trips can be something prospective boat buyers fail to consider at first. We know we’re biased, but the Island Cove Marina has a variety of wet and dry storage to fit your needs and help care for your boat in all seasons. Our service department is second to none and can help winterize, de-winterize, and maintain your boat to help you enjoy your purchase, not try to maneuver around it in your driveway. Proper storage will keep your boat going for as long as you can stand being out on the water.


  1. What is your budget?


The last and most important thing to keep in mind is your budget. Maybe the most tricked out vessel doesn’t fit your needs, but we can still work with you to find something outstanding that will get your family off to an exciting boating season. You can find a wide selection of new and new-to-you boats at Island Cove that fit budgets of all sizes. Our sales team has years of experience and has the knowledge of how to help families plan budgets and consider all of the costs of a boat when you purchase. Unlike large retailers that can’t even see the water from their store, we’re not out for simply one time sales. We know that if we do our jobs correctly and get you the best boat for you and your family, that we’ve made a customer for life. We’d rather make sure you’re in the best boat for you than sell you the best boat for us. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help make this the easiest water decision you make!