Three BIG Reasons to Buy From Island Cove

We get it. You drive by big outdoor stores that sell boats all the time. They put the flashiest, fanciest boats on their billboards and surround them by neon lights in the store to entice you to check them out. But we also know that for most big box stores, boat sales are only a part of their overall business. And while they might be just right off the interstate, we promise we can make it worth the short drive to visit us. Island Cove may not be as big as those other guys, but nothing about our service is small.

Here are three big reasons to visit Island Cove for your next boat purchase.

  1. We’re Actually ON the Water

Let’s start off easy. One big advantage our store has that others don’t: we’re on the water. Would you like to try out a boat before you buy? You can take a cruise around the river as you try out something from our inventory. That’s something you can’t do at a land-locked store. Why would you invest thousands of dollars in a boat without having the chance to see if it actually fits your needs?

  1. Our Sales Team Has More Training

You can’t blame the big guys. They make a lot of sales across the country throughout the year. But that’s their goal: get you in and out as quickly as possible, land your sale, and move on to the next guy. Their model simply relies on a quick turnaround time.

One-time, in and out sales just aren’t our thing. We’re looking for a long-term relationship with our clients. Think about it- with all the services that we offer, from boat repair and winterization, our marina, and much more, it’s in our own best interest to treat you right when you’re purchasing from us. Island Cove doesn’t shove you out the door once you buy your first boat, and we won’t push you toward purchasing a more expensive boat than you need. Not only does it just make business sense for us, it’s the honest way of doing business. We make an effort to make sure you know what you’re buying and that you get exactly what you’re looking for throughout the process. Put us to the test- go have a chat with Jason or Brian at our sales office and you’ll see the difference!

  1. We Do It All!

Heard that annoying old saying that the best days of owning a boat are the day you buy it and the day you sell it? They definitely didn’t buy from us, because that just won’t happen. We don’t just want you to have the perfect boat. Our boat solutions, winterization, and a solid maintenance plan are all things the big guys don’t have. There aren’t many boat slips on I-75 after all! In fact, they would probably send you to us for a more comprehensive approach to your boat!

Island Cove does what the big box stores can’t. Heck, we even have Amigo’s Restaurant if you need to mull things over with a margarita and some good food. Regardless of your needs, our experienced sales team is ready to take you from dreaming about your new boat to driving it right off of our docks. Trust us- our team will treat you right.

Come in and see us soon!